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The Questions About Erectile Dysfunction You Wouldn’t Ask In Person

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Erectile dysfunction, impotence or else called ED is a problem that does not discriminate by age. Men may face it in their early 20’s or late 60’s, depending on various factors. However, it is not unmanageable. With the advance of innovative practices in treatment and the wide range of drugs available both in local and online pharmacies, patients may get rid of its frustrating symptoms. Here is the guide to the most frequently asked questions that bother men when dealing with ED, and some tips on how to minimize negative consequences affecting your sexual life.

Impotence: “I Can’t Find Reliable Definition”

Some of the popular questions concern the exact medical definition of this diagnosis because online vocabulary may cause misunderstanding. ED is weakening or absence of an erection that disrupts the normal process of sexual intercourse or that makes it impossible. Erectile dysfunction can be combined with other ailments of male sexual mechanism (libido, ejaculation, orgasm). There distinguish primary (ED as the main health condition) and secondary (ED as a symptom of another condition) ED. lists the use of certain drugs, especially antidepressant and pills affecting testosterone levels, as possible culprits behind weakened libbido and compromised sexual performance. Regarding the effect on the patient, the biggest impact is on  the emotional condition of a man leading him to nervous disorders or continuous stress or fear to disappoint the partner, intrapersonal difficulty and performance anxiety. And, of course, it makes a man retire into his shell and give up on his sex life.

Erectile Dysfunction

Another classification includes functional and organic defects of erectile capability. Functional ED occurs under the influence of psychogenic and constitutional factors. Often, this defect is inherent and manifested in psychopathic men who have difficulties in social and emotional relationships.

Organic defect of erection includes anomalies of development and diseases of the sexual system such as prostatitis, tumors of the prostate, urethritis, penis injuries; neurological disorders as CNS injuries, lesions of the lumbosacral spinal cord, multiple sclerosis; cerebral circulation disorders; endocrine disorders insufficient production of androgens, diabetes; toxic effects as alcoholism and smoking. Besides, ED can be provoked by the continuous intake of some drugs. For instance, it can happen when a man needs to undergo prolonged use of antiandrogenic and estrogenic medications, anabolic steroids, some neuroleptics such as chlorpromazine, thioridazine, haloperidol, and antidepressants.

Can Erectile Dysfunction Be Cured In A Definitive Way?

As of recently, there are plenty of methods to treat it. And, only the combination of approaches provides the best results. Consider the following ED therapies:

  • Psychotherapy. Sometimes, patients cannot get a reliable erection because of a mental block. It can be a negative memory from the past, or a traumatic experience when a man was humiliated because of the poor quality of sex. In this case, the discussion with a psychologist can be more than enough to fix the problems;
  • Oral drugs. Such bestsellers as Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Kamagra are very helpful both in short and long term uses. Most of them are used on demand and remove the symptoms temporarily, but Cialis 5mg is used daily with confirmed efficacy in treating ED over the course of 12 weeks. The drugs can be used discretely, your partner does not need to know you are taking a sexual enhancer – as long as you remember to take it approximately 60 minutes before sexual activity. Cialis Daily, on the other hand, is taken chronically at bedtime and restores erectile function on everyday basis. You can find more information on clinical efficacy of daily and nondaily use of Cialis.
  • Vacuum Therapy. It requires the application of designated medical equipment that will act as a pump, directing the blood flow into the penis resultings in the erection. To make the blood stay entrapped in the corpora cavernosa, one should use compression rings. Again, it helps only temporary;
  • Massage you can do on your own. The area of massage is the pubis. Studies show that it greatly enhances the quality of erection. But, one has to perform such activity daily;
  • Surgery. The principle is implementing a prosthetic device into the penis. This option is rather costly.

These treatment options have different levels of efficacy, duration of effect and affordability. Some of them bring short-term relief, while others provide definitive cure. The most convenient, non-invasice and budget-friendly means (also one of the safest) is still pharmaceutical drugs. But remember that doctor’s opinion is required to appoint any kind of therapy.

How do lifestyle habits affect erectile function?

Take a handful of online sources dedicated to ED, and they all will quote excessive alcohol consumption and substance abuse among the most important triggers of sexual dysfunction. Smoking affects the blood vessels, making them fragile. This lack of elasticity translates into inability to expand as needed, absorb and contain the amount of blood required for a stable erection.

Alcohol, too, brings permanent damage to blood vessels and the ability of the brain to transmit the signal to the nerve endings in the genitals. Affecting the CNS, it has a relaxing effect and removes one’s inhibitions, which is perceived as libido boost. However, alcohol is not a friend of a healthy erection or great lovemaking, as it compromises the coordinative ability. Besides, it is very risky to combine the intake of alcohol and ED drugs, as both are hypotensive agents and thus taken together can cause a dangerous and sudden drop in blood pressure.

How Do I Get A Discreet ED Consultation?

It is a common practice to google for advice. Forums, social networks where people may discuss it contain opinions and recommendations from unprofessional people. What works for one patient may not work for another, and there need to be contraindications ruled out. On the other hand, an online consultation is entirely a different matter and in certain cases can be a substitution to an in-office examination. Look for a reliable and licensed agent in telemedicine to get a prescription.

Can I take ED drugs recreationally?

The main misconception here is that, contrary to a popular belief, Viagra and its analogs do not add to one’s sexual stamina. They are not performance or libido enhancers. Viagra only allows to respond with erection or maintain erectile hardness in a way that a healthy man does, without providing any benefits for healthy person who can achieve and maintain erection in an unmedicated state. Beware of psychological addiction to Viagra – chances are, if you feel the need to take a drug even in the absence of ED symptoms, you are going through a period of anxiety associated with your sexual performance, and this should be discussed during therapy sessions.

Are ED Drugs Suitable for Young Men?

Viagra and its analogs are designed to be taken by adults, as of 18 years of age, but again, only in the presence of diagnosed ED. Mind that many younger men feel unwilling to cope with their concerns and anxiety linked to the lack of experience. Remember that being concerned is natural and quite healthy, but do not let panic get the best of you.