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About Our Pharmacy

Since 1935, Beaverton company launched its services in Oregon City. From that time onwards, we have one of the exceptional reputation and loyalty of our clients. Starting from 2010, we established an online service that aimed to provide communities and patients from other states with fast access to our products. And, now we can say that we averagely accomplish more than 50K tasks together with them annually. It concerns the distribution of high-quality drugs and assistance in selecting medical equipment. 

What Do We Do?

We never stop working on enlarging our goods catalog but we do pay attention to their convenience and safety. For instance, before releasing for sale wheelchairs or support hoses, our experts acknowledge instructions and find out whether the items are practicable. The same concerns the medications, we have health supplements only from reliable manufacturers with approved ingredients.

Who Are Our Team Members?

When hiring personnel, there is no compromise on a lack of knowledge. Pharmacy services are strictly monitored by the government thus our team comprises professionals with related degrees. Annually, we organize training aimed to boost services and improve customer relationship management. Regarding the main stuff, Beaverton has the main pharmacist who supervises the distribution of goods, quality and safety manager who is responsible for contacting the manufacturers and testing the medications and equipment for relevance and safety, and a freestanding customer support team that daily meets the clients’ inquiries.

Why Us?

We have more than 1,000 goods in stock to provide you with the necessary health supplements and products. We accept cash, check, AMEX, Discover, Master, and Visa. We do refills and may organize Rx transfer for anyone who has his prescription in another pharmacy. Our drugs have affordable prices, and both regular and seasonal discounts. And, our pharmacists may provide you with accomplished consultation for any health-related issues. We are reliable distributors of such brands as Nova, Guardian, Therafirm, Hollister, and others. 

Depending on the inquiry, a person can contact one of our dedicated experts by indicating the matter in the email. Afterward, our operator will redirect him either to the pharmacist, quality and safety manager or the manager of partnership programs. Please note, we are the trusted pharmacy thus we do not proceed with the distribution of goods for clients who are not of full legal age, we do not sell controlled substances or narcotics. We comply with federal and state laws. All the information posted with us is solely for informational purposes, it should not be retrieved and shared with other parties. To possess more data on our services, contact us.