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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and concerns arise anytime, and for your convenience, we created a list of the most common questions related to our products and services. Check them out, if you did not find the question bothering you, call or email us.


  • Can I buy controlled substances with Beaverton Pharmacy?


No. We do not sell narcotics and controlled substances. It is an illegal activity.


  • Can I pay with PayPal?


Currently, this option is not available. However, contact us and we will find the right payment method for your case.


  • Do you sell generics?


Yes. Along with brand medications, we have a wide range of generics for various health purposes.


  • Are wheelchairs made of qualitative material?


Yes. We do order them from such manufacturers as Nova and Guardian, and If you do not find a quality matching your requirements, we may refund the money.


  • Can I buy medical equipment in batches?


Yes. We offer this option for hospitals and health care centers.


  • Can I refill with you?


Yes. We provide our clients with such a service even if they are abroad. Contact us when you run out of medications, and we will guide you through the whole process.


  • Can international buyers order with you?


We work only in the USA and deliver the goods only throughout this territory.


  • What gifts do you sell?


Starting from vitamin boxes for the present, ending with gift cards for the next purchase.


  • Do you have free shipping?


Yes. Our shipping is free of charge.


  • How much time does it take to deliver my order?


We work with local delivery services. Your order will come in two weeks’ time maximum, and minimum of in a few days.


  • My parcel was damaged. What to do?


Contact us immediately, and we will reimburse you the money or resend it again.


  • Can I consult with your pharmacists?


Yes, we offer such a service. But, by no means, it can replace the consultation with your healthcare provider.


  • What sundries do you have in stock?


Cosmetics, health supplements. All goods are for enhancing the health condition or making your appearance healthy-looking.


  • You do not have a drug I need. Can you get it?


It will depend on the drug you need. You may contact us and mention the name of it, and we will tell you the solution.


  • What handicapped devices do you have?


Wheelchairs, canes, scooters, walkers, crutches, hearing aids, and many others.


  • Can I rent medical equipment?


Yes. But, It will depend on the item. For instance, you can rent wheelchairs.


  • What medical equipment do you offer?


Thermometers, catheters, nebulizers, syringes, Glucose meters, etc.