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Fill Your Prescription with Us

Beaverton Pharmacy offers clients to fill their prescriptions with us or transfer them from another pharmacy. How does it work? Sometimes requesting a prescription may be a time-consuming activity that’s why to save your time we offer an online repeat prescription service.

  • Sing up with our dedicated service, fill in the form with your personal details, and inform us what drug you need.
  • Our pharmacists will request and then receive your prescription from your GP, and we will dispense your medication in a short period.
  • We send it for free to your home, work or any other location you mentioned.

For the best experience, we encourage the patients to have 60 days supply of their medication at hand otherwise at least one refill in their current pharmacy. If you want to submit more than one prescription at a time, we provide such an option according to the drug benefit plan.

Related Questions:


  • What do I need a prescription for?

You need it for prescription drugs. When surfing our goods catalog, you will see an indicator on the profile of medication whether it is OTC or prescription one.


  • If my prescription changed, and I want to buy a medication. What to do?


Please note, we will require an updated version. Ask your GP to send it to us, or do it by yourself by sending via fax or email.


  • How much time do orders proceed?


It takes a few days. However, if Beaverton Pharmacy requires additional information from you or your doctor, the process can be extended.